Wednesday, September 15, 2010

White Tip

White Tip can sit on Yoli's arm.

We made a mistake by not cleaning the poop from their perch. The maggots have started to grow!

Chicken Identity

Our chickens like beetles.

We got three eggs on Friday.

Three of our six chickens have names: Speckles, Orange and White Tip.

We got 2 eggs on Monday. Orange likes to eat watermelon.

Surprise Egg

Our chickens like bits of mango. One chicken scratched around in the dirt and then started drinking rainwater.

Today Speckles laid an egg on Yoli's lap. Her name is Speckles because she has a speckled back.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 9

Our first full dozen eggs!

Our chickens do not like being put back in their cage at night.
Our chickens do not like eating cinnamon raisin bread.
Our chickens love to eat grasshoppers but do not like Pillbugs or little green worms.

Day 6

Our chickens like to eat compost, like old tomatoes, eggshells and bread but cannot eat coffee grounds.
We water the ground frequently (like every day) but if you water them they will still die.
The reason for the bamboo poles is to keep the chickens from flying out of the fence.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 5

Our chicken flopsie got out yesterday.

Her name is Flopsie because her crest is floppy.

Our chickens lay their eggs in the chickenhouse where they get warmth from the wood.